10 Awesome Baby Boys Bedroom Ideas

10 Awesome Baby Boys Bedroom Ideas

Decorating a baby’s room for the first time is one of the most rewarding moments. Nevertheless, if your baby outgrew into a toddler, then you might want to redecorate his room with motifs and patterns more appropriate to gender and age.

In fact, while it is quite easy to decorate a baby room for a newborn, things get trickier when the child becomes conscious of the objects around him.

A baby’s room, as its name suggests, belong to your baby. For this reason, when redecorating the room for your toddler, it is essential to choose functional yet attractive pieces of furniture and beautiful decorations that your baby boy will love.

Check our 10 awesome baby boy bedroom ideas below to find some inspiration.


Wall decorations are the simplest way to transform a nursery into a bedroom your toddler will love. There are countless ways to decorate the walls, such as with paintings or with wall art stickers.

If you are talented, you could paint the favorite characters of your son or other childhood themes directly on the walls. In this case, it is recommended to paint the walls in white or in a light color, such as light gray, and paint the characters you want in intense and bright colors.

If you decide to use wall stickers, the options are truly endless. If you just want to personalize the room of your baby, you can choose a classy, custom-made sticker with your baby’s name. On the contrary, if you want to decorate the wall with fun characters or colorful decorations, you can choose multi-colored stickers with animals or cartoon characters.

Two awesome stickers to decorate the room with are the alphabet animals and height measurement growth chart. There are dozens of models available on the market that are both fun to look at and educational.

If you go for the alphabet animals, we guarantee your baby boy will love learning the alphabet and the names of the animals.


The door is an important part of each room, yet most of the times no one bothers decorating it. There are various baby boy bedroom ideas to use if you decide to start the decoration of the room from the door.

One of them is to place a name plate on the door. It doesn’t matter if your baby can’t read yet. In fact, having his name on the door will have a double benefit. First of all, it will give a sense of possession to the child, teaching him that the room is his. Secondly, it will teach your child the letters of his name.

You can make the name plate using individual letters, or you can use a custom-made wooden plate with your baby’s name engraved on it. You could even decorate the plate with his favorite cartoon character.

Another fun baby boy bedroom idea is to decorate the handle of the door with a silhouette from Alice in Wonderland. This idea actually belongs to Disney who also offers a tutorial on how to make this fun door decoration.

Making this talking door knob will only take under half an hour and it is so simple that all moms can make it.


Baby Boy Bedroom Ideas

Your toddler might not read yet but he will still have plenty of books. A great idea is to create a reading corner in his room where to hold all his baby books and part of the toys.

Just as everything else in this room, the furniture and decorations of this corner should be baby-sized. To create the corner, choose a small bookcase with a few shelves, then decorate the corner with other pieces of furniture, such as a small rocking chair, a couple of comfortable poufs and a large plush teddy bear.

Your baby will love chilling in this area while you can read for him a fantastic fairy tale.

If you don’t have enough space to create a reading corner, you could at least mount a book shelf on the wall. In this case, you could paint the shelf with a fantasy scene you know your baby might love.


If you want to teach your toddler to sleep in his own bed rather than with you, then you might want to decorate his room with a bed he will love.

All kids love cartoons, so decorating the room with a bed inspired by his favorite series can only be a good idea. On the market, there are dozens of models of toddler beds featuring the most beloved characters, such as Cars, Thomas the Train, Paw Patrol, and more.

Most of the times it will even be possible to match the bed with other decorative elements such as the carpet and curtains, toy organizers, and even the furniture.

If you’d like to opt for a theme room, then make sure to match the lighting with the design of the room. Toddlers notice the differences with ease and you can be sure that your baby boy will notice immediately if you have forgotten any detail.


Baby Boy Bedroom Ideas

A baby boy bedroom idea to use if you want to break the rules and create a stylish space even in the nursery is to give up to animal-themed and cartoon characters and use geometric patterns instead. However, there is to say that this idea is more suitable for newborn and infants rather than for toddlers.

For baby boys, the best colors to choose are either black and white or white and petrol blue. Use the geometric patterns for the large decorative elements, such as the carpet, the pillows and cushions, and maybe for the blankets.

Keep the furniture to a minimum to create a minimalist design and decorate the walls with a few pictures of your baby or with a few paintings with animals.

To create a cozy and relaxing environment, place a rocking chair or a large arm chair in one of the corners and use multiple cushions to create the idea of comfort.


Another great baby boy bedroom idea for an unconventional environment is to play with colors. Creating a colorful room that maintains its style is trickier than what you might think, yet the result will most likely surprise everyone.

You can add colorful accents to the room in multiple ways. The easiest is probably to opt for a piece of furniture or decoration that comes in a colorful pattern.

For example, you can place a multi-colored toy organizer in a corner of a monochromatic room. The best shades to match with this type of furniture are light gray and baby blue, yet you can opt for white or ivory as well.

In the same way, decorating the room with a colorful carpet is another great idea to add color while maintaining the stylish look of the environment.

Another great idea is to invest in a set of table and chairs for toddlers. There are many models available on the market, including beautiful furniture made of painted solid wood.


Even if your baby boy is acting independently, he will probably appreciate if you leave some diffuse light on for him when it’s bed time. Nursery lighting ideas vary widely but an original way of lighting your baby’s bedroom is with colorful lanterns.

If you are skillful, you can make the lanterns yourself using colorful paper, otherwise, you can easily find them in commerce.

Lanterns can be replaced with other playful lamps. Constellation projector lamps are particularly loved by babies and toddlers. Lava lamps are another great option if you have the possibility to place them on a tall shelf away from the baby’s reach.

Avoid placing lava lamps within the easy reach of your baby, or he might get burned.


A baby boy bedroom can be easily transformed into a stylish space if you choose traditional furniture and few but well-chosen elements.

Choose dark brown furniture made of solid wood and place a few toy crates and boxes on the lower shelves of a bookcase. Paint the walls in light beige and choose a matching carpet. As for the decorations, choose a painting or poster representing a vintage theme related to babies and childhood.

Don’t forget to include a few cozy elements in your design, such as a comfortable rocking chair and huge plush animals. Although not vintage, a pouf can also complete the décor with success.


Baby Boy Bedroom Ideas

A touch of originality your baby will love is given by a hanging chair mounted on a corner of the room. The only thing to pay attention to is the sturdiness of the hook but we can guarantee that this chair will become your baby’s favorite spot.

Instead of the chair, you can even mount a hammock between two walls. Both the hanging chair and the hammock can be used as toy storage solution when not in use and they will both give a playful vibe to the environment.

An interesting idea is to mount the hammock or the chair above a soft island made of cushions and pillows. In this way, if your baby is not paying enough attention, he will have a soft landing. Not to mention how much fun he will actually have jumping from the hanging chair on the pillows below.

If you choose to mount a hammock or hanging chair, choose other decorative elements that match them. For example, you can create a marine theme by choosing appropriate wall art and a bed shaped like a boat.


If you want your little adventurer to have fun at any time of the day in his own room, choose to decorate his environment in a precise theme.

These ideas don’t have to be costly and most of the times you will be able to do by yourself or purchase all the necessary items at affordable prices.

Among all the themes you can choose from, the most exciting for the babies are jungle-safari themes and pirate themes.

In both cases, you can paint the walls in a light yellow shade and only change the murals and wall art stickers based on the theme. For example, for the jungle or safari theme, choose murals with animals and place a few plush animals in a corner of the room.

To complete the décor, mount a garden tent over the bed and place a matching carpet in the middle of the room. A hammock or hanging chair would also fit perfectly in a jungle or safari themed room.


Decorating your baby boy’s bedroom doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it is often enough to choose a few decorative elements or pieces of furniture that can enhance the look of the environment. You can also decide whether to opt for decorative elements that can change the aspect of the nursery’s design or change the décor completely and create a new look from scratch.

The choice will be probably based on your budget. Yet, regardless of your choice, I hope these 10 awesome baby boy bedroom ideas inspired you.

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